Miguel Moraleja Yudego

Director Data Science

Miguel Moraleja Yudego

Head of Data - Digilant Spain
Leader of Digilant Spain for data management, analytics and insights.

Main responsibilities:

- Design and develop Custom Data Solutions for customers from the Digilant portfolio. Custom Data Solutions are data based technology integrations that allow advertisers to leverage 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data to create advanced segmentations and insights to drive both ATL and BTL campaigns.

- Technology architect for Digilant Spain cloud data platform. Also responsible for technology cost management.

- Present, defend and negotiate customer proposals.

- Coordinate the delivery (team set up, KPIs) of projects related to campaigns and custom data solutions.

- People management and team development.

- Relationship with Partners for joint proposals.

 Other responsibilities:

- Digilant product management and evolution.

- Trading Team support for campaign optimization and custom insights generation.

- New business development based on data, CRM integration and adtech ecosystem players such as DSPs, DMPs, AdServers, Web Analytics and Attribution Model tools.

- Cross Country data training team.

 Technology Expertise:

- Cloud Architecture: Amazon Web Services & Google Compute Engine

- Spark & Hadoop for Data Processing and Machine Learning

- DB: Traditional (Oracle, SQL Server), Big Data (Redshift, Netezza) and noSQL (MongoDB)


- Python

- Linux

- Analytical software: SAS, R, SPSS.

- Data Visualization tools: Datorama, Tableau, TIBCO, GoodData.

- Campaign measurement.

 Previously I have worked in Analytics Consultancy, in NeoMetrics and Accenture Analytics