Manuel Polo Tolón

Enterprise Architect | Technology

Manuel Polo Tolón

Software craftsmanship, Bitcoin, Blockchain technology, Java,JavaScript,PHP,XML, WS,

Web Front/Back end, Open-Source, No/SQL, Desktop, Mobile , Payments , P2P, Cryptography. (Everis) 2015 ­

Java Architect Innovation lab at Everis:

PoC of microservices architecture over RedHats OpenShift PaaS
Developing blockchain and other cutting­edge related software such as an Interledger Protocol implementation (

Internationalisation service development at Caixa Bank (Startup) ( 2015 ­

Senior Java engineer
Desktop java client development with native OS integration Android client development (Startup) ( 2013 ­ 2014

Founder and CTO: bitcoin/blockchain payment processor and online wallet
Back/Frontend development, restful api

Safe Creative (Startup) ( 2008 -­ 2013 


Senior Java engineer