Lander Ibarra Iriondo

Manager, Analytics & Forecasting, Management Consulting

Lander Ibarra Iriondo

Expert in Big Analytics, Forecasting & Insights with strong experience modelling FMCG, Finance, Telecommunications, Press, Energy and Commodities markets.

Modeling solutions developed and implemented by industry: 

  • Energy et al.: Supply Forecast (Short-Long Term), Demand Forecast (Short-Long Term), Pricing, Price Forecasting (Short and Long Term)
  • Press: Delivery to Sales Points, Marketing Reports, Quantitative Marketing, Demand Forecast; FMCG: Model-based Marketing Management, Demand Forecast, Promotions Analysis, Campaign Analysis, Innovation
  • Finance: Credit Risk, Acquiring and Retaining Customers, Recovery Optimization, Next Best Selling, Next Best Action
  • Telecommunications: Dynamic Consumer Management, Demand Forecast, Market Share, Call Center Management, Quantitative Marketing
  • Others: Pricing and Offers, Promotions Effectiveness, Multilevel Demand Forecast, Customer Management, Sizing Production Efforts.