Jorge Arias Martín

Jorge Arias Martín

Entrepreneur & Data Scientist


CEO during the more than 25 years of professional experience I have been able to consolidate relationships at the General Management level and Business Strategy. Particularly on issues related to Information Systems and services oriented.
Focused on client´s objectives, maximization of starting-up opportunities

Supporting security for several mid range enterprises and international networks. Ive been in this role for 25 years, including my own company. Skilled in all aspects of information security management. My efforts cover business operations, corporate communications and security technologies as well as other areas.
-Developing/managing the information security program, including policies, standards and guidelines
-Developing/managing the information classification process
-Developing/managing the information risk analysis, assessment and acceptance processes
-Promoting awareness of the information security program throughout the organization via training activities
-Advising departmental business managers and technical personnel as to the implementation of the program in their respective areas
-Performing compliance activities to ensure the successful implementation of the program
-Serving as a member of the technical advisory committee to evaluate new technology resources for program compliance
-Acting as the liaison with the physical security department regarding overlapping information security issues
-Acting as liaison with human resources about personnel issues related to information security