Guillermo Ortíz Fernández

Arquitecto BigData

Guillermo Ortíz Fernández

I have been working with Java for the last nine years. I enjoy working with this technology, I also enjoy meeting new people and learning new things. I think that Java has a wide enough scope to be continuously learning about it. With that being said, I am looking for projects that could offer me new goals and an ability to grow in my professional life.
Right now, I work with BigData, so last year I have been focusing in Hadoop and all its ecosystem and Im starting to do a little collaborations with some Apache project as Flume.
Im pretty excited about learning new technologies and I think that BigData is an interesting option. Since I wanted to learn about the Hadoop ecosystem, I decided to get the certifications from Cloudera as developer, administrator and HBase specialist (CCD, CCA and CCB) and recently I took the Spark course from Cloudera as well.