Andy McDuff


Conversion Makers
Andy McDuff

I’m one of the co-founders and CEO of Conversion Makers. We are a digital marketing consultancy firm specialized in improving the ROI of our clients’ digital marketing programmes via campaign & conversion-rate optimization techniques. 

I am also one of the co-founders of The Social Ads Company, a boutique digital agency specialised in high-performance marketing campaigns in Facebook. We are currently managing campaigns in more than 20 countries. 

My online career dates back to 1996 where I started developing websites in California. Since then, I have held various senior positions in Amadeus and British Telecom as well as owning and operating an online affiliate business. I have lived and worked extensively internationally and have worked on various digital projects including Rumbo, British Airways and other ecommerce projects in the USA and the Asia-Pacific region.


When I’m not working, you’ll find me spending time with my family or enjoying my favourite sports which include cycling, skiing, swimming or playing rugby!