Alexis Gerardo Petit Urdaneta

Director de Operaciones

Alexis Gerardo Petit Urdaneta

My name is Alexis and I work at dobleO, an Online Marketing Agency from Madrid specialized in Search Engine Marketing Campaigns, webs and apps developments and also usability and analytics analysis. In parallel, I am sharing my experience in the SEO/SEM World with the students at ESIC/ICEM.

Search Engines are one of the few marketing channel where brands can get in touch with users directly and right in the moment where the user needs something, so here we have the biggest advantage of this channel.

Search Engines can be uses to get quality traffic, but also, can be uses for branding campaigns.

The traffic that sites receive from Search Engines can be from Organic Results (Also Known As SEO) or from Paid Results (Also Known As PPC), each one of them has its variables and details that makes the difference between a good campaign and a bad one.


Not only we should know about SEO and PPC, but also, must know how to analyse the behaviour of users that comes from this channels using Google Analytics’ information     to improve and optimize our campaigns.