Workshop – Positioning & Mobile Apps Monetization


Throughout the mobile monetization session, we will try to gain a better understanding about mobile industry evolution, why companies should embrace mobile revolution as the new black, and have a clear vision about how to maximize the upcoming opportunities.


As being excellence in key success factors will be key for those companies when developing the mobile path, we will analyse and discuss what component, both tangible and intangible are meant to be crucial when implementing mobile strategies.


At the same time, we will revisit different monetization models, from traditional e-commerce platforms, to move disruptive business proposals, trying to understand how companies that “don’t sell” online are able to get revenues and be profitable based in other business opportunities.


  • Mobile: the new paradimg

    • Background & Evolution: from startac to Hero, try to find “did you know…” to play a contest
    • Mobile and business – first steps
    • Mobile and consumers- Motivations
  • Do we need an app? Mee too

    • Users Benefits
    • Company Goals
    • B2B
  • How to get a  big ROI

    • Key success factors for a good app
    • Fast growing industries – opportunities
    • App UX
    • ASO – best practices
    • Monetization
  • E-commerce

    • Where should i start? Downloading…
    • Case: Hofmann
    • Onboarding
    • Improve lifetime value
    • Business Models
  • The future?