Workshop – Inbound Marketing


20 years ago marketing and advertising were disrupted by the birth of the internet and search engines. Since then, the market has evolved and discovered the perfect formula to reach the consumer, Inbound Marketing. In this 3 hour session we will introduce the essentials that frame this new marketing methodology, and how it impacts other related promotional alternatives, such as PR, advertising and sales.



In the second part of the session we will approach the specific step-by-step, yet crucial, necessary actions of an inbound marketing strategy design process, such as: how to define a buyer persona, how to choose a blog’s theme and how to plan a publishing calendar based on SEO techniques.


  • The traditional marketing disruption

  • The birth of the inbound marketing era

  • How to define an inbound marketing strategy

  • How to chose the title and the theme of a blog

  • How to search for keywords that rank well