Masterclass – Data management and governance: Santander´s practical experience

¿Qué vamos a tratar?

Good data governance ensures business continuity. The world has changed so much that communication between people and organizations is now controlled by technology. The flow of data per minute or second is… simply immense.


Santander customers manage today their own agenda. They communicate with us through their smart devices. We have entered the digital age and those who best understand, process and use the data derived from our clients’ digital interaction will be the leaders of the coming decades.


The new technology and information society is taking us to a whole new environment, different from everything known. It is not only about data governance: it is about efficient, intelligent and committed data management. Protecting our business and our customers will only be ensured through continuous analysis and monitoring of the information flow.


Data is the new variable in financial environments and it is imperative that we change the way we relate to that silent intelligence. Data contains everything: the present, the future, our clients’ concerns, their interests and their needs.


Changes neither like nor dislike people, they are afraid of it but it is necessary in order to move forward.


Welcome to good data governance and management based on the search for excellence in terms of knowledge, treatment and quality of information -a basic pillar of our strategy. Welcome to Banco Santander’ future, which is already here.


13 septiembre jueves. De 9.30 a 14.30 h.

En el Aula Magna de ICEMD-ESIC. Camino de Valdenigrales s/n, 28223 – Pozuelo de Alarcón – Madrid

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  • Data management and governance

    • Background
    • Adapt to the environment
    • How can data governance and management help?
    • Benefits
    • From my data to our data
    • How to lead the change
    • Summary
    • Use case
  • CDO role

    • The CDO role in data governance and management tasks
    • Inception
    • Identity handicap
    • Santander federal model
    • Data governance model
    • The CDO evolution
    • Our challenges