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El sector Fintech se encuentra en un momento de crecimiento imparable. La reconversión de los servicios bancarios para adaptarse a los nuevos tiempos, unido a la eclosión emprendedora de proyectos, ha conseguido traer a primer plano esta combinación de tecnología y finanzas en la que es imprescindible una visión totalmente centrada en la experiencia del usuario y sus necesidades.

ESTUDIO: Fintech, Tendencias en el sector financiero
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Paris Jackson hace 1 mes

The tokenization of the economy is accelerating as more trade with tokens and digital money is negotiated through transparent, cryptographically secure intelligent contracts. Consumers are quickly learning about the benefits of using smart contracts to buy and sell products in the peer-to-peer network using latest technology. The disintermediation of intermediaries allows travel reservations to be made at 30 percent cheaper. Fractionalization allows art aficionados to buy shares in great works of art. The monitoring of assets and activities in real time allows insurance contracts to assess the damages and pay on the spot.

Emilia Benjamin hace 1 mes

10 Big Financial Technology Trends for 2018 Custom British Editors Online Huge Investments in Digital Transformation. The Frontiers of Innovation: AI and Blockchain. Advanced Only Banks Become a Real Threat. Configuration Thinking. Ongoing Risk Decisions. Elective Lenders Leverage Alternative Data. RegTech. Enormous Data Gets Even Bigger. Interfacing With Third-Party Providers to Drive Customer-Centricity. The Cloud: Creeping Into Every Corner.

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